Red train - Red dress

With all my boys, we have made a little train trip to Trnava. I was to look at the shoes too.

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Home photos & 5 things tag

ATTENTION !!! Warning: These photos are of the home environment, shot without preparation purely experimental use.

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Sometimes is a bad day

After a long time just a simple walking outfit. Somehow it runs out of time to blog. Children are sick, dear I have gone :( Not every day is good. Sometimes those come worse days, but never mind because after them again come the nicer :) And I'm already looking forward to the blog again fully let go!

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One Shirt battle

I wanted to finalize something similar a long time ago. The only thing I needed is chat up my dear to cooperate. Occasional teasing and a little begging eventually take up, and this post could become a reality.

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Flowers jacket

The sun is merrily blazing, but in summer there are some situations when to think about the one piece that a little warmed.

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Buy or Win #8 (Giveaway)

diy by me
These,, Buy or Win,, Giveaway is now so commonplace on my blog that I don´t know if you still enjoy it. :D If you still not ceased to have fun and something you liked just choose and meet rules:

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History Repeating: 1945

If you look into the history of my blog, you would discovered a different History Repeating article. Similar articles I decided to write a long time ago, unless I haven´t given them any longer, and now I want to correct.

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Decor your home with art

 plant1 (pencil) /1/2

I already tell you about my home furnishing wrote in this article. Then I tried to combine the bed and room globally in a certain style. This time I took it a little more decorative.

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