Tradicional folk look in leatherette jacket.

 Even though I have a leatherette jacket, this look seems to me a little traditional and folklore. It looks so because my hair, and the fact like I have a scarf. And also thanks to this skirt, which I recently bought in secondhand.

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I'm sick and I have to say that I write a simpler article. And then I found this TAG
I got it from Michelle and it is great. I just did not want it translate into English, so sorry, but I still can tap the translator :)

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Buy or Win #2 (Giveaway)

.The first things are given out. So why stop now :) Here are 5 other things for you. Just choose and meet simple rules:

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Kitchen Story

I will tell you to find a suitable space for photo is quite a big chore. But if one takes with optimism, and a large dose of detachment and even with great imagination, at the end of it may arise interesting photos.

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BazaR #2

 BazaR continues! First 5 things already knows his fate :D Now there is a second five. I will not hold up and explain how it works here:

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Giveaway #1 Winners

The first giveaway of the year behind us. From the 5-potential winners ultimately only three. Two things that remain will go to the Challenge, which I already mentioned in THIS article.

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Buy or Win #1 (Giveaway)

In THIS article, I wrote about how to get rid of unnecessary clothing. And now it is time for the second method. And this is nothing but a gifting! Before I come to the giveaway, I will also be noted that all these things you still can buy (auction) in THIS article.
If you prefer to rely on luck is here for you this Giveaway. What are the rules? Simple:

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Urban Market 2014 (Winter Edition)

Before Christmas I with Victor and Charlie was seen in the ,,Old Market,, on Urban Market. Addition to a large cold while waiting in a large row at the entrance, there were countless beautiful thingies. Joy to behold!

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Backstage: First photoshoot of this Year

 A few days ago I, Viktor and Charlie, we returned to the place that I have applied to one photoshoot, but I think this place has own charm and will always be there to find some new places.

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BazaR #1

Welcome to the first part of my BazaR. If someone didn´t read the previous article, I decided to radically weed out my closet. And this is one of the ways that I have devised.

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3 ways to (un)throw away things you don´t want to!

One previous article (HERE) I wrote about changes in my life. And I've even started. It´s a great paradox, but if someone wants to stop producing waste must first throw a lot of things! Make your schedules around me in my matters even myself.

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Lookbook Contest

I joined in Alyssa Nicole Black & White Texudo Contests on Lookbook, so if you like my look or photo, please give me Hype.
Thank you! :)

SK: Zapojila som sa do Alyssa Nicole Black & White Texudo Súťaže na Lookbooku, tak ak sa vám môj look alebo fotka páčia prosím podporte ma Hypom.
Ďakujem!  :)

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Boots back into game

The photoshoot for fast in our backyard finally created a pretty picture, don´t you think? Since I bought a new black ankle boots, my oldest boots I'm a bit pushed aside. So I decided to have it a little back into play. And I also have a new black beanie from the second hand, now I enjoy it :D :)

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Something needs to change

Source: Pinterest
Sorry about that article, but who doesn´t want to let it not read! The point is that for a long time in me mix the different feelings, and I need to express. Why now? My mail fulfill offer various online stores. Buy, don´t miss, the last chance you have to buy, don´t hesitate, not think ... because it's Christmas, New Year,... whatever!

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Portraits 2014 - welcome to 2015

All Have a great New Year!
In the first post of the year, I decided to give a last look back to the old year. How about every year were the bad and good moments. The moment when I was sad, and those which I could laugh. But it was mostly full time blogging, which filled me with a sense of meaningfulness: D
  These are the last moments of the old year. So let's joyfully into the new year !!!

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