DIY: Home decoration

 As I wrote, I produced a lot of gifts personally. This was a gift for my cousin and his wife. They got married only recently, so I thought they would be able to like these ,,tables,, on the wall. My kids got to Nicholas chocolate, which packaging looked like a frame. So I said that it should be used. It's pretty simple, so I'll write you the process and you can do something similar yourself.

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Christmas cakes

I wish you a Merry Christmas. Christmas is almost over, but at my blog just getting started. So I'm a little behind. This is because I wanted to enjoy especially the real Christmas and also the fact that in addition to gifts under the tree, I got one more unwanted gift - illness :(
Baked it is of course a long time ago and these are the pictures with my assistants. That was what they got tired of cooking: D (and me too) 

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Before Christmas come

I am ashamed that I do everything at the last minute. And also that this blog doesn´t look as if Christmas had come. I have a little time and a lot of making, so be patient a little longer with me.
Christmas will come to me to blog, but first I have to see to it that they came to my house :)
So far as I can boast that I have a baked (photos will also be about in another article), and that you are waiting for Christmas bored, so one more winter outfit!

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First gifts are Home

I know you probably already have everything bought, wrapped. Well, I'm with purchases has only just begun. I'm keeping everything at the last minute, but strangely I don't have any stress or panic :)
Quite the contrary. Although I have only the first gifts, so I'm quite satisfied and peaceful. I admit that at first I didn't want to buy gifts. I wanted to produce them, but I finally decided to make some, and buy something. So I killed two birds with one stone, because I have long been wanted to try Zoot. I found what I liked and ordered. Product was easy to order and arrived really quickly. So satisfied :)
What I bought yet will not reveal to you, because it will be a surprise under the tree :)

SK: Ja viem, zrejme už máte všetko nakúpené, zabalené. No a ja som s nákupmi ešte len začala. Nechávam si všetko na poslednú chvíľu, ale ku podivu žiadne stresy ani panika ma nechitajú :)
Práve naopak. Aj napriek tomu, že mám len prvé darčeky, tak som celkom  spokojná a pokojná. Priznám sa, že najprv som darčeky kupovať nechcela. Chcela som ich vyrábať, ale nakoniec som sa rozhodla vyrobiť len niektoré a niečo aj kúpiť. Tak som zabila dve muchy jednou ranou, pretože som už dlhšiu dobu chcela skúsiť Zoot. Našla som čo sa mi páčilo, objednala a bola som spokojná. Tovar bolo jednoduché objednať a prišiel naozaj rýchlo. Takže spokojnosť :)
Čo som kúpila vám zatiaľ neprezradím, pretože to bude prekvapenie pod stromček :)

hat: H&M / scarf, Levi's denim jacket, Levi's jeans, coat, belt: Second Hand / tee: Pavel Berky from Fashion Live! / sneakers: Nike
Photo by Viktor, styling by me:

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Everyone pays for his life

Already waiting long enough. I prefer to simply walk away. I have pay a ransom for the life !? And what, in his view, cost my life. Finally it is here! So let's now behind us.

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Unbaked oat cake

100 g oat flakes, 1/2 butter, 2 spoons honey, milk, cream, bottled mandarins, 2 bananas, Gelatin,

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