DIY: Home decoration

 As I wrote, I produced a lot of gifts personally. This was a gift for my cousin and his wife. They got married only recently, so I thought they would be able to like these ,,tables,, on the wall. My kids got to Nicholas chocolate, which packaging looked like a frame. So I said that it should be used. It's pretty simple, so I'll write you the process and you can do something similar yourself.

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Christmas cakes

I wish you a Merry Christmas. Christmas is almost over, but at my blog just getting started. So I'm a little behind. This is because I wanted to enjoy especially the real Christmas and also the fact that in addition to gifts under the tree, I got one more unwanted gift - illness :(
Baked it is of course a long time ago and these are the pictures with my assistants. That was what they got tired of cooking: D (and me too) 

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Before Christmas come

I am ashamed that I do everything at the last minute. And also that this blog doesn´t look as if Christmas had come. I have a little time and a lot of making, so be patient a little longer with me.
Christmas will come to me to blog, but first I have to see to it that they came to my house :)
So far as I can boast that I have a baked (photos will also be about in another article), and that you are waiting for Christmas bored, so one more winter outfit!

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First gifts are Home

I know you probably already have everything bought, wrapped. Well, I'm with purchases has only just begun. I'm keeping everything at the last minute, but strangely I don't have any stress or panic :)
Quite the contrary. Although I have only the first gifts, so I'm quite satisfied and peaceful. I admit that at first I didn't want to buy gifts. I wanted to produce them, but I finally decided to make some, and buy something. So I killed two birds with one stone, because I have long been wanted to try Zoot. I found what I liked and ordered. Product was easy to order and arrived really quickly. So satisfied :)
What I bought yet will not reveal to you, because it will be a surprise under the tree :)

SK: Ja viem, zrejme už máte všetko nakúpené, zabalené. No a ja som s nákupmi ešte len začala. Nechávam si všetko na poslednú chvíľu, ale ku podivu žiadne stresy ani panika ma nechitajú :)
Práve naopak. Aj napriek tomu, že mám len prvé darčeky, tak som celkom  spokojná a pokojná. Priznám sa, že najprv som darčeky kupovať nechcela. Chcela som ich vyrábať, ale nakoniec som sa rozhodla vyrobiť len niektoré a niečo aj kúpiť. Tak som zabila dve muchy jednou ranou, pretože som už dlhšiu dobu chcela skúsiť Zoot. Našla som čo sa mi páčilo, objednala a bola som spokojná. Tovar bolo jednoduché objednať a prišiel naozaj rýchlo. Takže spokojnosť :)
Čo som kúpila vám zatiaľ neprezradím, pretože to bude prekvapenie pod stromček :)

hat: H&M / scarf, Levi's denim jacket, Levi's jeans, coat, belt: Second Hand / tee: Pavel Berky from Fashion Live! / sneakers: Nike
Photo by Viktor, styling by me:

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Everyone pays for his life

Already waiting long enough. I prefer to simply walk away. I have pay a ransom for the life !? And what, in his view, cost my life. Finally it is here! So let's now behind us.

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Unbaked oat cake

100 g oat flakes, 1/2 butter, 2 spoons honey, milk, cream, bottled mandarins, 2 bananas, Gelatin,

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Hat on my Head

Deliberately lost,
hidden just under the surface.
Leaving out
and still standing in the same place.

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Mother in moto jacket

 I am sad when I look at these pictures. And that's just one reason. Sweater in the photos is no longer. Thus, it is, but not for me. Inherited it my babyboy. Well, yes. I'm a clumsy and it shrink me :(

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Street Dance

No. Don´t be deceived. I'm not a Hip-hop enthusiast. Not even such music listening. But in the second hand I bought this huge sweatshirt, which is abnormally comfortable. And I also added new cap. Adidas logo I also like, so what. Although I don´t understand why, but more and more found myself in sportswear. It's probably related to my increased need for comfort :D

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Shopping day

We were with my baby look at our Outlet. Through the roof of the mall shining beautiful light, so we took pictures together :D We didn´t buy anything, but it doesn´t matter, because then we will go to second hand.
Anyway I gave a maximum sloppy look, type just hatched out of bed, and except lipstick on the lips, I missed the mkeup. In short, such a lazy day perfect for hanging around (not buying) the shops :)

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Celery Soup

Recipes do not write very often, but I think this came off. So if you want the cream celery soup do it:

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 And here it´s again. Again, I borrowed something his.

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Review: Hair Color

I admit that the reviews I read rather than I write. But sometimes it´s a good a bit revived, for example, reviews. Hair is one of the things about which I solve most :D So what else should I do review on hair color? The color I got a little unusually. If you look at the shade, certainly you say it's not just ,,my,, color. It's been so. I wanted to change something. Caught me mood: Do with me what you want :D. So I said, my dear, let me chooses what he wants. The only condition was that my hair colored himself. And so it happened. He chose and put color on my head. And how did it turn out? Read on!

SK: Priznám sa že recenzie oveľa radšej čítam ako píšem. Občas ale nezaškodí trochu to tu oživiť, napríklad aj recenziou. Vlasy sú jedna z vecí, ktoré asi riešim najviac :D Takže na čo iné by som mala robiť recenziu ako na farbu na vlasy? K tejto farbe som prišla trochu netradične. Ak sa pozriete na odtieň, určite si poviete, že to nieje zrovna tá ,,moja,, farba. Ono to bolo tak, chcela som nejakú zmenu. Chytila ma nálada: robte si so mnou čo chcete :D A tak som povedala drahému nech mi vyberie čo chce. Jediná podmienka bola, že mi vlasy nafarbí on sám. A tak sa aj stalo. Farbu vybral aj nafarbil. A ako to dopadlo? Čítajte ďalej!

 L'oréal, I always considered a good quality color. This was foam. The packaging is enticing, shade interesting. The preparation was simple and the application also. Easy even for my dear, which hair color for the first time in his life, and mastered it perfectly. To be honest I didn´t expect color to grab me perfectly. This is logical, because this shade on red hair can´t catch perfectly. But I thought that at least some will be altered.
The result really surprised me. The only colored thing ,and lightly, have been grew out of the hair roots. So a big disappointment. The only advantage was that the color hair soften and brighten. As to the color effect: 0 points.

SK: L´oréal som vždy považovala za dobré a kvalitné farby. Táto bola penová. Obal je lákavý, odtieň zaujímavý. Príprava bola jednoduchá a aplikácia tiež. Zvládol to aj môj drahý,ktorý farbil vlasy prvýkrát v živote a zvládol to na jedničku. Ak mám byť úprimná nečakala som,že mi farba chytí dokonale. Je to logické, pretože tento odtieň na červené vlasy ani dokonale chytiť nemôže. Ale myslela som, že aspon nejaká zmena to bude. 
Výsledok ma ale fakt prekvapil. Jediné čo sa mi zafarbilo, aj to len slabo, boli odrastené korienky. Takže veľké sklamanie. Jediná výhoda bola, že farba vlasy zjemní a rozžiari. Čo sa týka farebného efektu: 0 bodov.

I didn´t do result photos. Just not what to take pictures. But if someone wants to look for change can also view the previous post where I already had hair after coloring. But I doubt very much that finds something :) My satisfaction perfectly captures the facial expression on the last photo.

+ softening hair
+ hairdresser's talent my dear :D

- price
- overall result

SK: Výsledok som ani nefotila. Jednoducho nebolo čo fotiť. Ale ak niekto chce hľadať zmenu môže si pozrieť predchádzajúci post, kde už som mala vlasy po farbení. Ale veľmi pochybujem, že niečo nájde :) Moju spokojnosť dokonale vystihuje výraz tváre na poslednej fotke.

+ zjemnenie vlasov
+ kadernícky talent môjho drahého :D

- cena
- celkový výsledok

Photo by Viktor, review by me:

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Leather Skirt

 One of the things that I love this fall is leather. Not that I didn´t like it before, but now it gradually passed into fine obsession :D But don´t worry I will not overdo it. After all, while I bought only 2 leather jacket, the skirt, and one leather dress :D
But seriously! They think someone else, besides me that have one-third wardrobe of leather is normal?
Well you know, it will probably be a punk heart, what in me is still beating. Although in me, is more than just the heart

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Red Dress

I found some kind of forgot pictures of warmer days :) So I said that I will show them to you. And this despite the fact that it already such a beautiful sun doesn´t light and no longer have this dress. It's a pretty good way to tell you about my account on or VotočVohoz or for new Vinted. While there don´t have much, but definitely am going to get rid of a large part of my wardrobe. Probably the things that are going to give away will be able to buy through the blog or via fb, but some I give you as a gift :)

SK: Ahaho našla som jedny tak trochu zabudnuté fotky z teplejších dní :) Tak som si  povedala, že vám ich ukážem. A to aj napriek tomu, že už ani nesvieti také krásne slniečko a ani už nemám tieto šaty. Je to celkom dobrý spôsob povedať vám o mojom konte na VotočVohoz alebo po novom Vinted. Zatiaľ tam toho moc nemám,ale rozhodne sa chystám zbaviť sa veľkej časti svojho šatníka. Pravdepodobne veci, ktoré sa chystám dať preč bude mať možnosť kúpiť si aj cez blog alebo cez fb (to sa ešte rozhodnem), ale niektoré sa vám újdu aj ako darčeky :) 

dress: Second Hand / belt: old, Shoes: ?

Photo by Vitkor, styling by me:

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Would you believe that I haven´t been in Starucks? I wasn´t. Although I don´t know what they have coffee, but have super logo. So it´s clear why I bought this sweatshirt. And it´s also very comfortable to wear. Certainly once the coffee tasted when I go on a trip somewhere, because in Slovakia is not yet Starbucks. What about you, have you Starucks? And how you taste?

SK: Verili by ste že som ešte v Starucks nebola? Nebola. Síce neviem akú majú kávu, ale logo majú super. Tak je jasné prečo som si táto mikynu kúpila. A tiež je veľmi  príjemná na sebe. Určite raz tu kávu ochutnám, ak sa vydám niekam na výlet,lebo na Slovenku zatiaľ Starbucks nieje. A čo vy už ste mali Starucks? A ako vám chutí?

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This is already seriously latest pictures of Teplice, where I was over the summer. And as well as the previous ones, these pictures were made by two photographers. First I showed you pictures from Andy (HERE) and these are photos from Charlie. So last comparison :)

SK: Toto sú už vážne posledné fotky z Teplíc, kde som bola cez leto. A ako aj tie predchádzajúce, aj tieto fotky boli  fotené dvomi fotografmi. Najskôr som vám ukázala fotky od Andy (TU) a toto sú fotky od Charlieho. Takže posledné porovnávanie :)

hoodie: Levi´s / hand-made skirt: Foxy Green / sneakers: Nike
Photo by Charlie, styling & handmade skirt by me:

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Weekend in Vegas

I'm not a great traveler, but there are places in the world where you would like to see everyone. Large cities like New York, Paris or London. Such a tempting place is certainly Las Vegas. I will probably never get there, but if I could go there for the weekend so I would imagined it something like this:
First, I came to one of the great hotels in Vegas, for example: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and walked into the lobby like a star :D in this example:

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Nightmares Queen

Do you think that nightmares are something scary? But the nightmares are just innocent children of the queen of all bad dreams. Careful why you think! Because she can also come to you. Appears in your duvets, you will feel her breath on your body and when you open your eyes ... you can see her white face and her bloody lip. One look into her black eyes and your nightmares will no longer dreams but a terrifying reality.

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On the Playground

This outfit you once can see,buton photos from Andy (HERE). These are by Charlie. So who has the desire can comare :D
Otherwise, if you would like to know, we took pictures of the playground in Trenčianske Teplice.

SK: Aj tento outfit ste už raz mohli vidieť, ale na fotkách fotených Andy (TU). Tieto fotil zasa Charlie. Takže kto má chuť môže porovnávať :D
Inak ak by ste chceli vedieť, fotili sme na detskom ihrisku v Trenčianskych Tepliciach.

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Fashion Live! (look & more)

As this year's Fashion Live! You have already seen the model designers, but I didn´t show you what I wore :) So here it is. Andy was with me and taking pictures from everything. Stuffs form Fashion Live you can buy in showrooms, and also was held during Fashion Live! competition. Designers and models have been awarded in Eva Fashion Awards 2014. Designer FL: Martin Hrča (his show you can see here), Fresh Designer FL: Andres Pojezdálová, The Best Show FL: Boris Hanečka. But also competed in street style. (winner of one of the categories you can see in the photos below).

SK: Z tohtoročného Fashion Live! ste už vydeli modely dizajnérov, ale neukázala som vám, čo som mala na sebe ja :) Tak  tu to máte. Bola so mnou aj Andy a všetko fotila. Okrem prehliadok sa  na Fashion Live! dali tieto veci aj kúpit v showroomoch a tiež sa počas Fashion Live konala súťaž. Dizajnéry a modelky boli ocenené v Eva Fashion Awards. Cenu Dizajnér FL dostal Martin Hrča  (jeho prehliadku nájdete aj tu), cenu Fresh Designér pre mladý talen dostala Andrea Pojezdálová, The Best  Show FL získala prehliadka Borisa Hanečku. Ale súťažilo sa aj v street style. (víťazku jednej z kategórii môžete vidieť na fotkách dolu).

tee & necklace: Foxy Green / hoodie: Levi´s / jacket: Second hand  / boots: Gregor

Photo by Andy, My styling by me:

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