If someone follows my blog may have noticed that most don´t wear earrings. Not so much because I didn´t like it, but rather it´s a matter of habit. At home I have a couple of earrings, but it often happens to me that as soon as I give them on me, I will turn them down. Sometimes I find it to be unnecessary, and unnecessarily also point to the ears and I felt like Owl :D 

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La Pasarela

I reverberate after a long time since I was on vacation. I'll write about that later because I would first like to write about great event to which I was invited. It was the fashion show La Pasarela - fashion unites nations.

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Our Next Model

A few days ago we were taking pictures of Andy. Well, yes Andy is exactly the Andy who has come to take pictures and we did the last time this photoshoot.

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Private fest in Nature III

scarf: gift / shirt, vest, belt: secondhand (Textil House) / shorts: Foxy Green / boots: Humanic
This is the last look of a photoshoot with Andy. As I mentioned are probably the craziest.

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Design my Home

You also so often wondered about your home? How could it look like a place where people spend so much time? You like to think over your room, combining furniture and accessories like me?

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