Private fest in Nature II

dress, vest, handbag: Textil House / hat: Stradivarius / boots: Humanic
Photo session with Andy is always a very unpredictable. Often we are going to take photos without forward thoughtful ideas.

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Fashion Revolution Day in Bratislava

On Friday, the campaign Fashion Revolution (which I have already mentioned in this short article) participated in more than 70 countries worldwide, including Slovakia.

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Go to the Fashion Revolution!

Photo by Viktor
SK: Dobré ráno všetkým! Dnes je deň Fashion Revolúcie. 

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Private fest in Nature

For a long time we didn't take pictures with Andy, so we had to fix it. At home I'm had set three outfits. Of all the web pages rushing a lot of festival looks at me, so it stuck on me. Besides, recently I somehow started to love floral patterns. Ooo what a surprise - floral patterns in spring :D , but I can't help me :)

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Giveaway #7 winners

I apologize for being late with the final results. So I will not linger. These are the winners:
SK:  Ospravedlňujem sa, že meškám s vyhlásením výslodkov. Tak  už viac  nebudem zdržovať.  Toto sú výherci:

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Little bit Wild

I don´t need riots, no rebellion
don´t want to attract attention.
I don´t have to experience crazy cool things
I don´t know be more torn from the chain.

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Buy or Win #7 (Givveaway)

These,, Buy or Win,, Giveaway is now so commonplace on my blog that I don´t know if you still enjoy it. :D If you still not ceased to have fun and something you liked just choose and meet rules:

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Peanut Envy

I love the second hands, because one found there that wouldn't find elsewhere. Shopping becomes not only shopping but also an adventure through discovering.

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BazaR #5

Sometimes I seriously don´t want to believe what I can find in the closet. At lot of things I don´t even remember. And some of I bought it will be something great fit and I never had them (eg .: Diesel vest from the second hand). So if something like try it auctioned. The price is really symbolic! And now I will explain how it works:

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5 minutes Photoshoot

 These pictures were created really special. First we go finally after a long time to do one bigger photoshoot. So I said that I a little relaxed in the makeup, the hair and try something unusual for me. But as it sometimes happens, always will fail to everything as we would like. We had to appeal photoshoot!

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