In the ZOO

nedeľa, októbra 12, 2014

 Yes, we were at the zoo: D Also, I sometimes feel like a monkey. Thank God no one not closed me in a cage :)
SK: Ano boli sme v ZOO :D Tiež si niekedy pripadám ako opica. Ešteže mňa nikto nezatvoril do klietky :)

jacket, jeans: old / tee: old, croped by me / belt: Celvin Klein / sneakers: DC

Photo by Viktor, place: Bratislava ZOO, styling by me:

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5 komentárov

  1. I am in love with the jacket! It is one of my favorite styles. Your whole outfit looks fabulous!

  2. Na té poslední fotce mi hrozně připomínáš Lanu Del Rey.

  3. Grate look and location)

    Elena Maksudy


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