Look on the Mirror

Sometimes I stand before the mirror and thinking about something entirely different than over what do with me. Then arise, mysterious things in my head: D

Niekedy stojím pred zrkadlom a premýšľam nad niečím celkom iným ako nad tým čo zo sebou urobím. Vtedy vznikajú záhadné veci na mojej hlave :D

I'm thinking about you and me
Sometimes I feel happy and free
But sometimes your chain astringent
and sometimes I feel like it's the end.

Not breathing more
I'm lying on the floor.
Waiting until you lifted me up
and you say to me: Stop!

Don´t think about stuupid things.
I'm the one who gives you wings.
You smile at me
and again I feel free.

Premýšľam o tebe a mne
niekedy sa cítim šťastná a slobodná
Ale niekedy sú tvoje reťaze sťahujúce
a občas mám pocit, že je koniec.

Nedýcham viac,
ležím na dlážke.
Čakám kým ma zdvihneš
a povieš mi: Dosť!

Nemysli na hlúpe veci,
ja som ten čo ti dá krídla.
Usmeješ sa na mňa 
a ja sa znovu cítim slobodná.

Freedom does not mean being without obligation. Freedom means having joy in the heart, and be able to fly with the person you love!

Sloboda neznamená byť bez záväzkov. Slobodná znamená mať radosť v srdci a môcť lietať s osobou ktorú miluješ!

9 komentárov:

  1. you look dreamy and lovely! :)


  2. The pictures are so amazing.
    And the poem. Makes everything so much perfect!
    Glitter And Blush

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  4. I can really reflect the poem on myself :) And your hair is Gorgeous!


  5. I love your hair :-)
    Following you now, hope you can check back and maybe follow back.



  6. Very pretty and dreamy pics! Thanks for the follow! I'm following you too!! Keep in touch~!

  7. great blog ! i already followed you dear, would you mind to follback and keep in touch?