If you say that you have already seen this look, so you are not mistaken. You could already it seen in this article, where we took pictures with my dear together.

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Shades of Brown

Everywhere minimalism, black and white or countless repeat (50) shades of gray.

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Giveaway #6 Winners

This time I managed to give away two prizes. Nicely wanes in my closet and I have the joy that these things can make you pleasure. So if you someone not win don´t worry, in a few days continue with a new giveaway :)
And these are today's Winners:

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Insta photos II

To see my photos that you haven´t had a chance to see anywhere, just on my inatagram, so keep reading :D

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Buy or Win #6 (giveaway)

(chýba jeden gombík)
A few days ago I was sending out 4 things, and this, I hope I can also send someone :) Just choose and meet rules:

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Blue Sneakers


 If you knew how long I was looking for sneakers, which I really liked! I wanted pure white, or black.

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Photo day

 I was already seriously can´t wait a real warmth. Probably also because I pick sundress.

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Giveaway #5 Winners

In this way I imagine giveaway! The time is up four winners:
SK: Takto si predstavujem giveaway! Pre  tentokrát sú až štyria výhercovia:

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Under the Umbrella

 In this post I want to show two things that I have long been looking for. One of them is the bag. Black, sporty, exactly how I looking for. And finally found in secondhand :) The other thing is the umbrella. 

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Buy or Win #5 (giveaway)

Bazaar ended on Saturday. Nobody bought anything, so I'm thinking that maybe I left out and simple things handed out at the giveaway :) Anyway, now I want to give away these four things.Just choose and meet rules:

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Somehow it looks like when my dear bored at home and playing with a camera :D These photos originally not intended for publication. But I think he did it well. So I told myself that I publish it. They have no deeper meaning. This is just me. But for this article wasn't any thing, so therefore I will tell you a few things from my home:

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Foxy wearing Fox

Doesn't sound the title a little morbid? When I reread it, it truly seemed to me. This shouldn't taken literally! I'm not after all a real fox, and fur coat probably also not (although I'm not really sure).

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Bloger Roka 2014

SK: Páči sa vám môj blog? Ak áno podporte ma prosím v Bloger Roka 2014. Za všetky hlasy moc moc ďakujem :) Každý hlas si nesmierne cením ja a aj všetci, ktorý mi pomáhajú tento blog robiť taký aký je :).

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BazaR #4

See what crazy pieces are found in my closet. I decided that they moved on from it. Some of you would have used them better than I. So if something like try it auctioned. The price is really symbolic! And now I will explain how it works:

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Giveaway #4 Winners

Well, let's finally Giveaway which give away almost everything:
SK: No hurá konečne Giveaway v ktorej rozdám takmer všetko:

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